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Od kilkunastu lat piszę i udostępniam swoje książki czytelnikom.

Turbulent Years

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Adventure novel, which takes place during the Battle of Grunwald.

"Stormy Summer" is a classic historical novel. Moves the reader to the Polish lands early

fifteenth century. Crucial period in Polish history. In the time of the reign of King Wladyslaw Jagiello.
For decades, the Polish lands sowed anxiety Teutonic Order. His subjects are unlawfully attacked, looting and murdered. In the year 1404 problems piled to a level that requires decisive intervention of the king.
The book begins with the council in Krakow, which is slated for the king himself. They arrive there, after the journey full of adventures and battles with the Teutonic Knights, the main characters of the book - imc Zembrzuski, commander of the armed branch, escorting Mr. Kalesantego Działosza coat. They want to put in before the Jagiello, Siegfried Teutonic captured prisoner to prove that it was a nun in white coats with black crosses are the perpetrators of robberies and unrest in the lands of the Crown and Lithuania. So begins this very interesting novel. Rich in intrigue, descriptions of battles and skirmishes, but wonderfully entertaining reader threads woven into an extremely amorous and artistic descriptions of nature. A significant value of "turbulent years" is a faithful adherence to historical truth, which the author meticulously recreates the pages of his book. The fate of the Teutonic Order in the Polish lands are known to all, but in the reception of this novel, this fact does not constitute any obstacle. The author has made efforts to well-known period in the history presented in a way unconventional and intriguing. Encourages the reader a very masterly and gripping drama dispensed, dynamic action. All lovers of history and adventure will be satisfied.
Where the book takes the characters struggle with the Teutonic Order, to which the heroic deeds will be forced to face the wiles of the enemy, what sacrifices will need to love of country, honor and loyalty? This is what we learn from the pages of "turbulent years" of Henry Longin Rogowski.

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